Senryaku Musume 2
(no link because contains explicit pictures)


A H-tactic game.
Very easy, like Advanced Wars
I like it for the gameplay, not the H part

Current status :
- Decompiler done! need japanese translator

Download SenTools 1.0 here
If you use it to translate this game, please let me know ;)

Script compiler working fine, only some hours to finish it but I won't be able to do it before some days...
If you want to help to this project, I need japanese translator ;)

Script extractor done! Jump on the script compiler

Currently writing the script some problems with the unicode on any Win system

WV5 was very easy (Sample)
Jump to WV3 (music) and FL3 extract optimization

I also started WV5 (sound) decoding
All script tags are decoded, I need to write the script extractor
FL3 compactor is finished
BM2A were BMP Alpha so I only able to extract alpha data : picture is good but not color table since it's based on original picture

Currently working on BM2A (BMP with bits only, no header) and script extractor (main part found and understood)

Finished FL3 extractor (data, music and sound) and BM2 decoder (yes, all the pictures of the game):